Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Shopping Boutique!

Come on out and have a fun day of shopping and socializing!! We will have 20 vendor's for you to shop and socialize with, all local to the area!! We look forward to seeing everyone!

There will be give aways from most of the vendor's if not all! It will be a great time!

We will have:

Cookie Lee jewelry

Mary Kay

Naturally By Mary LLC

Origami Owl

Thirty One

Tastefully Simple

It Works



Tiphanie Lynn Photography

Memory Theater Productions

Body by Vi

Grace Adele

If you're a vendor, and want to be on the list for future events, please feel free to join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/236614486389239/

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring/Summer Shopping Extravaganza!!

Come on out and shop with local vendors and sip on some coffee! We will have 9 vendors for your shopping pleasure. Bring a friend out, and enjoy an afternoon of shopping in the heart of Everett.

Mary Kay
Faye's Pretties
It Works
Naturally By Mary
Silk flower arrangements

Here is a Facebook Link to our event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/169285993239584/?fref=ts

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May's Feature Company: Thirty-One Gifts with April!

I have never written a blog before, so I ask your forgiveness up front if this is boring or poorly written. My journey with Thirty-One Gifts started one night at my monthly Scrapbook gathering. There was a gal there (Jocelyn) carrying the organizing utility tote and I was in love so I asked her “where did you get that bag?” and she said “I sell it, and it is called Thirty-One.” Thirty what, I wondered, what a strange name. She told me one of the gals in the group was having a party and provided me with the online link. So I purchased my first organizing utility tote and most likely the customer special that month. Then Jocelyn has an open house, and I place another order where I purchased the Large Utility Tote in Happy Dot, and the Top-A-Tote. I took the catalog home and started circling and circling all the items I wanted. My accounting brain took over and started calculating, since I was going to buy all this stuff maybe I should just sell it too. I had been searching for something like this, I love bags, totes, thermal bags, organization; why not sell it. So, without even saying a word to Jocelyn, I signed up under her team (I was her first recruit) while she was on vacation! In August it will be a year and I love every minute of my journey. I have been blessed with new friends through this group and vendor events.
So why is the company called Thirty-One you ask? It is our founder and CEO Cindy Monroe’s favorite verse in the Bible (Proverbs 31) which celebrates women. Foundation principles are to celebrate, encourage and reward others for who they are.
Today (May 1st) we launched our Summer Catalog with new fun prints and 4 new styles:
New Prints are Pink Pop Medallion, Best Buds, Navy Cross Pop and Fun Flops
New Summer Styles are Fresh Market Thermal, Lunch Break Thermal, Key Fob and Bottle Thermal

Each month there is a Customer special which typically starts with a purchase of $31.00.  This month, for every $31.00 purchase you can purchase any of the Thermal bags for ½ off
Here are my Top Ten Favorite ProductsOrganizing Utility Tote
Super Organizing Tote
Large Utility Tote
Keep-It Caddy
Your Way Cube
Inside-Out Bag
Retro Metro Bag
Mini Zipper Pouch
Fold N File
Large Zipper Pouch
Check out what patterns these come in and prices at my website
April L Sullivan

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Set your look for lasting beauty! When makeup meltdown is not an option, give it the staying power to last up to 16 hours

 On this blog post I want to share Mary kay's newest addition to our regular product line! Our Mary Kay finishing spray by Skindinavia! Before Mary Kay released this I had never used one, and never thought about it before. I had earned this product 1 month before it was released due to my sales the previous month, so I figured "alright, I am going to try it... The morning I tried it I had a very long busy day, I got up did my make up as usual at 6 AM! Didn't get home until about 11:30.. I was dreading seeing my face as let's face it, that's a long day and even the best of make up doesn't look flawless after that busy of a day.. And to my surprise... It was flawless! It looked like I had just put it on a few hours prior! I was shocked, I never doubted Mary Kay as a company, just that the spray would keep my make up that flawless for that long!! I was instantly hooked!

Once your make up is on and the way you want it, take your finishing spray close your eyes and spray an x  across your face. After that take it and spray a lower case t to get the parts the x did not cover. I usually fan my face with my hands after that to help it set. After that you are done!

As you can see, Skindinavia is the go to spray, for celebrity make up artists! And now you can get the same staying power celebrity's get with Mary Kay's finishing spray! Skindinavia created the spray JUST for Mary Kay!

I did an event earlier this month, and the organizer had a local dance club come in and do dancing  and show off what they do at their dance club! 3 girls, had used the finishing spray before their 1 hour long dance presentation. All 3 of their faces looked flawless and those girls were moving noon stop for 1 hour and sweating like crazy!  They went to the bathroom after to check their faces and were as shocked as I was when I first tired and saw the staying power. After that I over heard one say she wouldn't dance again without her finishing spray from Mary kay!

Here's what one of my client's sent me after using it: "OMG, I love your finishing spray!! I just did my p90x work out and sweated like crazy but my make up stayed perfectly! I will now always have this in my make up bag!"

That said, if you want to avoid make up melt downs, get yours today! Here is a direct link to my website, and the finsihing spray if you'd like more information please contact me, via one of the methods on my website. http://www.marykay.com/amorczek/en-US/Makeup/Face/Mary-Kay-Makeup-Finishing-Spray-by-Skindinavia-/111800.partId?eCatId=10005

Thank you,
Amanda Morczek

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Zen In bloom

Mary Kay has a new product line for this catalog only! This blog will show case those fabulous limited edition products!

The above photo is our limited edition Mary Kay Lip Lacquer in Pink pagoda (the top more pink jar) and the Chai Latte (the tanish lower jar)!! The lacquers come with the lip brushes, also photo's and both are such gorgeous colors! The photo does not do them justice! Below is a color swipe a sister consultant shared with me. The lip Lacquers are $16 each. They are so silky and creamy!

Now that you have seen and love the Lip Lacquers I want to share our NEW Limited Garden sky palette we have! Again the photo does not do the colors justice, but it gives you the general idea! This palette fits ANY Mary Kay compact perfectly. You can use it with the compact mini, Regular compact and the Compact pro!

In the photo the Garden Sky, is shown in our limited edition Mary Kay compact mini! This compact is limited edition and so beautiful! I love the ripple and the gem, it's for Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary! The palette is $20 and the compact is just $16!! It's even better in person!

Lastly, I want to share the Obi clutch that is just $5 when you purchase just $40 of the NEW Ltd. products!!! With all I have shown you just on this post, it won't be hard!
I hope you enjoy this blog post, if you have tried any of the new products please be sure to leave your opinion in the comments I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the Zen collection we have this catalog!!

Have a fabulous week,


Thursday, April 4, 2013

April's Feature: Mary Kay with Amanda

For my first blog post, about my business I wanted to tell you a little about Mary kay and why I started my business.

Mary Kay has been around for 50 years! Mary Kay provides fabulous skin care, body care, fragrance, cosmetics and a male skin line in addition to cologne and some body care!

I researched all different companies but had my heart set on Mary Kay.   I got into the business as I have a passion for skin care and love learning about new products and techniques for make up application! Mary kay was one of the only that offered what I personally had passion for and what I needed!

I love the products, the skin care we have is some of the only stuff I can use with my sensitive skin, not to say there are not other products out there however these work the best with my skin! I was buying it so often, it seemed like a great idea to make a business out of it! Still I did research just to make sure, Mary kay was right for me! I am so glad that I took the leap and jumped into Mary kay!

Mary Kay has blessed me in so many ways, I am honored to be in this company! Mary Kay really rewards us as consultants, and helps give women confidence both professionally and for our clients. I have had clients tell me they felt so uncomfortable in their own skin, then they try Mary Kay's skin care and color and the transformation is amazing! I love helping ladies feel good with what they have already!!

Right now I am looking to expand my team in all area's, and there is no better time! During April our starter kit is just $75, for our regular start kit with over $400 in retail value!!  If you share my passion for helping ladies feel confidant in their own skin, and making money from home and never missing special moments with your family, lets set a time to talk!!

Thank you for reading my first blog post!

Amanda Morczek

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Feature of the Month: Advocare

Yesterday was the last day of the cleanse portion of my 24 Day Challenge and my results are: 5 1/2 pounds and 4 inches gone! I feel amazing! I've actually been outlasting my kiddos in the energy department- something I know most parents would love! :) Now that my body has been scrubbed clean on the inside, it is ready to absorb all of the amazing nutrients that come in the second or Max phase of the 24 Day Challenge. Today I started my day with Spark, Catalyst and MNS C. My food will pretty much stay the same, I might limit my complex carbs though to get even better results!  Since this is the end of my month of blog posting, if you want to know how the rest of my challenge goes and what my ending results are, please contact me at 360-320-2004 or linzy1976@gmail.com. I look forward to helping many people and families achieve their physical and financial goals! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Pt 2

Hello! I am on day 4 of my 24 Day Challenge and I already feel like a million bucks! I have already lost 3 1/2lbs and my pants are fitting a little looser! Tomorrow I will be adding in an exercise routine using the Can You 24 workout dvd. The dvd has 7 different routines to chose from. In each workout you do 24 exercises and the each workout only lasts 24 minutes! It is designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. I've done it several times and it is definitely a good workout! The picture you see is an example of what my daily menu looks like. Here is a link to the dvd: https://www.advocare.com/11054453/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=P9000&id=A

Lindsey Read 360-320-2004

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I will be starting a 24 Day Challenge this coming Monday and will be excited to share my results! The products that I will be using are the Herbal Cleanse, Spark!, Meal Replacement Shakes, OmegaPlex and Catalyst (a.k.a. "shrink wrap in a bottle"!). The cleanse basically works as a scrub brush on the inside to get all the "gunk" out. Much like when you get the oil changed in your car to keep it running smooth, your body needs to be cleansed about every 90 days for pretty much the same reason! If you would like to join me, let me know and I will help you get started and will be there every step of the way if you have any questions or need that motivation to keep going! Stay tuned! ~Lindsey 360-320-2004 www.championsrising.com

Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Feature: AdvoCare with Lindsey

AdvoCare is premier health and wellness company that has world class energy, weight loss, nutrition and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.

Here is the story of why we are choosing to live life with the AdvoCare products as well as the amazing business opportunity...

I had our 2nd baby in June of 2010 and was actually at my pre-pregnancy weight within 1 month of having her. However, with the busyness of having a newborn and a 3 year old, I wasn’t making the wisest food choices and the weight started increasing while my energy was decreasing. Since I was nursing, I didn’t think there was much I could do in terms of losing weight, but I was wrong! In May 2011, I was introduced to AdvoCare and was able to do a modified version of the 24 Day Challenge for nursing mothers, and lost 8 ½ inches and 8 pounds! I have replaced coffee with Spark and we have started eating “clean and lean”. I have so much more energy and am a happier person. I am continuing to lose weight and feel amazing! 

When we first started, my husband was only planning on doing the challenge for the required 24 days, and then he thought he could just do his own “diet” as needed. Well, as soon as he started seeing the results he was getting (16 inches and 18 pounds on the challenge), and was revitalized by proper nutrition, he changed his mindset and realized that it’s not a “diet,” but it’s a lifestyle that we have committed to for the health of our family.

In June of 2011, we decided to do this as a business so that we can share this powerful experience with other families. Within our first month we made over $400.00. We are working towards replacing the income that I gave up when I became a stay-at-home mom. Our ultimate goal is to have us both be stay-at-home parents in the next several years!

If you would like to learn more about any of the products or the business opportunity, please contact me at linzy1976@gmail.com 

You can also look at our website: www.championsrising.com

Friday, March 1, 2013

Jamberry: New Catalog!

The new catalog for Jamberry is live!  They have added over 200 new designs, as well as the Nail Art Studio, which are create your own Jamberry!

In the Nail Art Studio, you can play with favorite pictures, such as your business logo or your child's pictures, and then apply them to your Jamberrys, and voila - you have a new design only available for you!
Here is an example of one I made with a computer wallpaper I found interesting:
Kendra's Nail Art Studio
I simply uploaded a picture from my computer, and I have awesome looking nails!  You can design each nail wrap separately, or all as the same.  I think this is a fantastic new addition for those looking to have truly unique nails!

Check out how to do it at http://kendrajones.jamberrynails.net.  If you need assistance or have any questions feel free to email me here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Power of the Manicure

Some people just don't get how a manicure can make a difference.  I get noticed every day for my nails.  A well groomed set of hands shows to the world that you care about your appearance, and that you put effort into yourself.  In dealing with thousands of people a month, I notice things like nails, makeup, hair & clothes.  A good manicure makes you feel good about yourself.  The problem is that they can be expensive, time consuming & not last.  Well, that's where my Jamberry Nails come in.  They are about $5 an application, and only take about 15 minutes of your time.  They also last for weeks.  Even gel polish can start to chip after 2 weeks.  Jamberry Nail Wraps can last up to 2 weeks without showing any wear and tear on fingers, and up to 6 weeks on toes.  I've been able to get 2 solid months on my toes.  I'm testing my fingernails right now.  I'm 1 week in and show nothing but growth because my nails grow so fast.  I get so many comments on them!  And with so many designs to choose from, there is something for everyone.  There are only 7 days left in this catalog to choose the ones you love, as many are leaving on 2/28.  The new catalog is introducing over 200 new designs.  I can't wait to show them to you & to share with you how easy and fast these are to apply!  Check them out here at my store and you can order through the link at the top.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jamberry Nails Blowout Event!

I am currently hosting a Jamberry Blowout on my website!  Feel free to join us and get your favorites before they disappear from this catalog!  The Facebook event is https://www.facebook.com/events/160175510798770/  and the shopping site is http://kendrajones.jamberrynails.net.  Over 100 designs are being discontinued as of the 28th of this month, so make sure you get your beloved designs while you still can!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feature of the Month: Jamberry Nails

Our Feature for Feburary is Jamberry Nails with Independent Consultant Kendra Jones.  Jamberry Nail wraps are a wonderful addition to any woman's life if she likes having beautiful nails, but doesn't like the upkeep!  They are thin, flexible, and can be applied to both natural and artificial nails!  They require no drying time like regular nail polish, and can last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 weeks when applied to toes.  They are even safe for children!  We have a line, called Jamberry Juniors, that are designed for the smaller fingers of your younger daughters, nieces and granddaughters!  They are non-toxic, gluten free and vegan, so they are safe for everyone to use. Application only takes about 15 minutes and you probably have everything you need to put them on right now!  Jamberry has over 250 designs at any given time.  There are also monthly exclusive designs, as well as designs exclusive to hostesses.
I am happy to host your party online or in person, and our hostess benefits are amazing!  Right now, we are in transition to a new catalog, so there are over 100 designs that will be retiring in the month of February (see picture below).  To make sure you get the ones you will miss, buy them now at http://kendrajones.jamberrynails.net . All designs are buy 3 get 1 free, so you can't go wrong!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by!  First off, let me introduce ourselves.  We are women (and a few men) in the Snohomish County of Washington (with a few stragglers from elsewhere in the Puget Sound area), who all run at home businesses.  Some are direct sales, some are crafting or homemade products.  Overall we are a great group of people and we started this blog so we could share ourselves and our products with the world.  Each month we will be featuring a different business, in the hopes that you will fall in love with our businesses and at least refer us, if not become one of our many loyal customers.  You will be the first to hear of events and exciting news from our group!  We hope you make us one of your regular stops when playing online!