Friday, March 1, 2013

Jamberry: New Catalog!

The new catalog for Jamberry is live!  They have added over 200 new designs, as well as the Nail Art Studio, which are create your own Jamberry!

In the Nail Art Studio, you can play with favorite pictures, such as your business logo or your child's pictures, and then apply them to your Jamberrys, and voila - you have a new design only available for you!
Here is an example of one I made with a computer wallpaper I found interesting:
Kendra's Nail Art Studio
I simply uploaded a picture from my computer, and I have awesome looking nails!  You can design each nail wrap separately, or all as the same.  I think this is a fantastic new addition for those looking to have truly unique nails!

Check out how to do it at http://kendrajones.jamberrynails.net.  If you need assistance or have any questions feel free to email me here.

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