Thursday, March 28, 2013

Feature of the Month: Advocare

Yesterday was the last day of the cleanse portion of my 24 Day Challenge and my results are: 5 1/2 pounds and 4 inches gone! I feel amazing! I've actually been outlasting my kiddos in the energy department- something I know most parents would love! :) Now that my body has been scrubbed clean on the inside, it is ready to absorb all of the amazing nutrients that come in the second or Max phase of the 24 Day Challenge. Today I started my day with Spark, Catalyst and MNS C. My food will pretty much stay the same, I might limit my complex carbs though to get even better results!  Since this is the end of my month of blog posting, if you want to know how the rest of my challenge goes and what my ending results are, please contact me at 360-320-2004 or linzy1976@gmail.com. I look forward to helping many people and families achieve their physical and financial goals! 

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